What is a housewife to do when she becomes 42? Write a book about life, the universe and everything. A.B.Wells is the living embodiment of chaos theory, being the mother of four young children, three of which are that particularly alien species called boys. As Alison Wells her writing has been shortlisted in the prestigious Bridport, Fish and Hennessy Awards and she’s been published in a wide variety of anthologies and ezines, including the Higgs Boson Anthology by Year Zero, Metazen and The View from Here. One of the as yet unsolved mysteries of the universe is whether the B in A. B. Wells stands for barmy or brilliant.

In her former life she worked, among other things as a clerk like Albert Einstein, as a technical writer and before that studied psychology and communications where, in the college library James Gleick’s book Chaos fell on her head.

For spaced out tweets see Twitter.com/alisonwells

A.B.Wells elsewhere

Head above Water (alisonwells.wordpress.com)

Random Acts of Optimism (writing.ie/randomactsofoptimism)


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